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Sup Fishy People,

i just stumbled across this forum searching for some cheap fish, i usually browse petlink but this place looks pretty pimpin

i been keepin some pretty little fishies for 12 years now, only in the last 16 months its gotten pretty serious, im 29 and im almost finished my final exams of structual engineering, i keep a few rarer speciecs of fishies and just your common bread and butter fish also to cover the cost of the rest :D, but im sure your all friends of impulse buying and MTS by now 8)

heres a breif list of some of my fish i keep and breed

Agamyxis Pectinifrons

naevochromis chrysogaster

Polypterus Bichir

Tropheus (cherry reds)

Altolamprologus compressiceps Gold Head

Altolamprologus compressiceps Fire Fin

peppermint bristlenose

albino bristlenose

emerald green corys

Satanoperca leucosticta

Lamprologus ocellatus 'Gold'

Cyphotilapia frontosa Karilani island 'Yellow Dorsal'

Fossorochromis rostratus

electric yellows

electric yellows "lions cove"

got them from "aquariums alive" goldcoast found them to be quite an attractive varient

electric blues

common bristlenose

i have all this in a custom built fully insulated shed, inclusive of solar heating & lighting

the entire system is filtered thru a 2000ltr vortex style headed flow thru filtration system running approx 30,000lph using davey's pumps and pressurised irrigation fittings, it also consists of 40kg of crushed coral rubble, and about 1 square meter of biological filtration media.

so what do you guys keep???

Tha Boss

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welcome to the obsession of fish keeping, another breeder :) well this is the site for you mate. hope you like it as much as we do. Put what you breed in the breeders registry and see how its set up ie breeding, fry available, fry growing ect. Then we can all see what you keep :) Roman

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Welcome! Hope you find some bargins in the classifieds. I've pretty much got all my fish from here.

Love the avatar, the hardcore setup and the 12 years behind you in experience - you'll have to lend off some of that on here. :D

Welcome aboard. Nice selection of fish there....
electric yellows "lions cove"

got them from "aquariums alive" goldcoast found them to be quite an attractive varient

You can thank the breeder too if you like :wink: :lol:

Frenchy :D

What's the difference with this variant? I thought all full yellow/black edged E.Yellows were "Lions Cove", as described in Ad Koning's books.

I heard of a "Lions Cove II", with a lighter underside - are these the ones at Aquariums Alive? :o

I breed E.yellows (see in my gallery), and keep a display of mostly male Mbuna, the usual suspects:


Cobalt Blue

Red Zebs

Zebra Long Pelvic

Albino Zeb




Hopefully will get a colony of Albino Zebs together for breeding/display as they seem to be fairly rare in shops up this way - and such a nice fish!

And I work with Aeronautical Engineers. :cry: . . . . I hope you're nothing like they are! :lol: :lol:

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