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Raising Longfin Albinos

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Hi, I'm posting this question on behalf of a friend.

He wants to know how to raise albino longfin bristlenose. He got them to breed but the little babies keep dying... He is also breeding and raising pepps, o-spots and gold spots without any problems. He just can't get the albino longfin right.

Any help, tips and tricks would be much appreciated.


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If hes raising the other B/noses without problem, I'd suggest hes doing it right, but I have heard that you can have genectic problems with longfin B/N.

I did have someone tell me at one stage that he categorised his longfinsxinto 2 types by the bend in their pectoral fins, and if he bred 2 of 1 type together, all the fry would die, but any other combination, the fry would survive.

I'd guess that they have been inbred so many times to get the longfin and albino that the genes are no very weak..

Maybe try getting a different male (hopefully from a different bloodline, hopefully fixing the prob!!!


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