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hello, im new

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hello there,

I am new to this forum, i stumbled accross it by acciedent while i was searching the net on cichlids. Its good to finaly find a local forum.

Well my name is fiona and im a single mum of 7, i live in cleveland and i breed many cichlids.

Yellows, blues, bristlenose-com-pepermint-albino longfing-os, pindani and of course convicts.

I love fish and always have, they keep me calm when things are tough. lol i wish i could mouthbrood too how cool.

Well thats enough for me, hope to meet and chat with everyone soon

cheerio Fiona

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Welcome Fiona. I reckon you'll find this one of the better forums around, for sure. A bonus it happens to be a local one too. :D

Classifieds are also great for selling and buying your stock.

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Hi Fiona

I have been here since day one and its about the best fish sight around here

There are plenty of people that can help you with just about any problem you can come up with lol

I hop you injoy your stay here I hop you have an open mind the chat room can be like a play group on speed some times lol


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Welcome fiona,

I agree fish are so calming and being a chef to sit and watch them is awesome.This forum has been excellent to me both great people and great knowledge too.

Hope to seeya round.


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