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FS - complete 3 and 4 ft set-ups - nth brissy

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hey guys,

got a few more tanks to sell, this time complete set-ups.

4x15x18 tank with pine stand and hood, 4 foot light, filter, heater, gravel, rocks, and fish!!!

1 electric yellow (8-10cm)

1 maleri (8cm)

3 clown loaches (10-12cm)

1 bristlenose (12cm)

1 hongi (10cm)

2 silver sharks (12cm)


3x18x18 tank with pine stand and hood, 3 foot light, filter, heater, sand, rocks!!!


Both of these tanks have been set-up as display quality tanks and look amazing wen set-up. if you are interested and wud like photos just ask and ill send u some.


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hornet, that should be fine. I am selling these as I am moving house so need them gone before then. When do u think you would be sweet to pick it up? *4 foot on hold for hornet*

*3 foot on hold on another forum*

thanks guys!

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