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can u kill your fish by overfeeding?

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hi all,

it might sound stupid, but can a fish explode their tummy from overeating?


my biggest bass died dont know why?, last time i saw him he was healthy with the biggest belly ... few hours later he turn into a half of fish fillet with my pleco munching happily on whatever left of the bass :cry:

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Fish can get bloat from overeating and too much protein. They can go for days without eating. Try feeding once a day or every second day and only as much as they can eat in 2 minutes.

Sorry for your loss :(

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thanks man..

but all my fish always look hungry, always wanting to eat, everytime i com near the tank they all lining up to the front off the glass and if i open the lid they almost jumping out of water in anticipation :P

i heard about only giving them what they can eat in 2 minutes.....

man it doesnt matter how much i give them, the longest period a grain of pellet can stay in the water is 30seconds. 8O

the other problem that i have is, if i left then without food for a longer period ( 1 day ) they started to pick a bite from each other


i came home last night to find one of my GT lost 2/3 of her scale and 1/3 of her fins ( shes on par in size with the biggest fish in the tank) :x hav 2 move her downstair.


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4 ft tank

heaps of logs/ rocks hiding space, heaps of plastic plants. gravel etc


de facto king... 12cms male gt (now queenless ) and always challenged on daily basis.

general.... same size male rd flowerhorn.

liutenant general... another sub male rd.

general citizens

pair of firemouths 6cms

pair of rd 10cms

pair of axe wielding convicts bred once all frys eaten by other residents

3 small bass, the biggest 1 died

10 albino convicts, only 2 left others get eaten by the bass

1 african dont know the name :?:


some small bristlenoses

1 sailfin

1 goldspot 20 cms ( he can finish half a zuchini in 1 night)

RIP (victims) so far :evil::x:x

1 grey g. gourami :evil::evil:

1 firemouth eaten by bass

1 bass eaten by goldspot

bout 8 albino convicts

bout 200 convicts fry


former queen (12cms female gt) :cry:

yah thats them all as far as i can remember..

other thing is.... i herad that u can get rid of ICH (white spot by increasing the temp to 30 deg celcius... mine doesnt go away :x

the moment i drop the temp back to 26-28 they reapear :x


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hey fishbee...

sounds to me like the tank may be over-populated... thats alot of fish for a 4fter..

the heavy breathing can be one of two things...

1. Not enough airation.. what filtration are u using? and is there alot of water movement on surface of the water?

2. Stress... fish will look like they are breathing heavy when they are stressed.. is there alot of aggression in the tank? it may also come down to the tank being over-populated as i mentioned b4..

just a few things too look at... Whitespot is another cause of heavy breathing and sitting on the bottom.... bump your heater up to 31-32 and leave it there for atleast 2 weeks.. bumping the heat up will decrease the amount of oxygen in the water, so if air seems a problem in the tank, add an airpump and airstone to help..

hope that helps..


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hi jay..

thing is none of the fish just lying arround on the bottom nor any trying to scratch themselves onto rocks or log etc as per known ICH symptoms

except the cleaner of course..

it just that, every now and then i see some white spots on some of their fins and body, but it doesnt seem that it affect them at all.

in the past i've used white spot remedy.. all dissapear only to return a month later when the temp drop to normal.. can u or can't u get rid of ICH foreva from the tank?

thanks ibrahim

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sorry about your fish but if she got fungus she needed some antibotics or salt for the wounds. you have some big aggresive tanks in a tank not really big enough. i wouldnt have a flowerhorn and a rd in the same tank period.

if the fish arnt glancing i would sugest you dont actully have ich as it is often the first sign. saying that i havent had ich in my tanks for over 12 months. i keep the temp on 27, well oxinagated and do 25% changes a week. never had a problem expect once on setup of a new tank.

watch for fungus in your tank for a week before i would even think about adding a new gt.

when u feed ur fish do all this fish eat or just one or two?

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thanks for the advice..

but she died in another tank (hospital tank). i moved her that night, so maybe the hospital tank need to be hospitalised :(

the rd are not red devil, royal degree .same fish

when i feed them , they all hit the food and woteva on their way, x cept the bristlenoses, they only munching on the wood.

they even attack big algae wafers meant 4 the plecos

but all u a rite. i'm gonna move some of them to another tanks.

but theyre all of my fave fishies :( have to go down stairs now...

guess it's for their benefit

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when fish get injured it is comon for them to pick up a bacterial infection. this then will often lead to fungus. it wouldnt have been the water but the fish. i treat all cuts with melafix ( not actually a antibiotic but says it is) and that is like detol. if it doesnt start healing in a few days i use real ones. fungus is normally always a seccondary infection :)

hope that helps

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Raising the temp with whtespot, is used to speed up the life cycle of the white spot as you can only kill the spores in the water not he spots on the fish. The biggest problem with raising the temp is the warmer the water the less oxygen it can support.

Whitespot usually only affect fish that are stressed, this can be caused by numerous things. Cod water, excessive fighting, water quality, etc....

To answer your first question, yes you can overfeed your fish. If your food is a fatty food you can cause fatty deposits in the liver and other organs, making them less effective slowly killing the fish. The biggest and most common problem with overfeeding is that the more fish eat the more they excrete, increasing the load on your filtration. Also any uneaten food with also increase the load on the filter.

If the filter can't cope the amonia levels will rise, this then burns the gills of the fish. Unfortunately when fish are stressed they also then release amonia, so if this stress was caused by amonia the fish will add to this amonia, effectively contributing to their death.

This poor water quality can stress the fish, making them more subseptible to whitespot, (same as use getting a cold when we are run down), the next issue that you may have had was you then raised the temp to fight the whitespot, in doing so you have reduced the oxygen in the tank, and if the fish gills were already damaged by the amonia they are going to struggle to get enough oxygen, causing them to gasp for breath.

Unfortunately this then becomes a vicous cycle, with the fish stressing releasing amonia damaging gills more, fish dying polluting water, so on, and so on. This is why some poeple refer to it as the tank is crashing!!!!

End of the day water quality is the MOST important thing with fish keeping, you have made no mention of water testing, or filtration, and going by the long list of fish you have in the tank, I would guess that you would struggle to have enough filtration on a 4ft tank to support these fish.

I suggest you go back to basics, give the tank a water change 25% minimum, more if you have AGED water (water that you have stored for fish use), repeat again tomorrow, and start treating the whitespot, with a whitespot cure, following the directions, as you need to complete the treatment fully to completely rid the tank.

I'm not sayiing that the above is actually whats happening in your tank, but this is the most common and likely, considering the information you have given.


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