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different sized fry

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hey all.

have one lot of afra cobue fry and another lot of maingano fry.

the afra's were "born" about a week and a half before the maingano's were "born". the afras are now about 1 - 1.5cm long and the maingano's would be .5-1cm long. both were in large breeder nets in a two ft tank, but have heard that keeping them in nets for too long stunts their growth.

my dilemmas come now. i have moved the afras out of the breeder net into the tank, with the maingano still in net. these two batches of fry would be the only inhabitants of the tank.

1. will the afras eat the maingano?

2. will all the fry be able to find enough food? (at the moment the afras are hiding behind the filter whenever i come near)

3. should i provide rocks/coral for the fry to hide in or will this also prevent them from getting as much food as they need?

any help would be great.



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Like most fish mate if its fits in their mouth its food

But saying that I have a heep of fry in a 2x18 tank whith likomers about 6 cms long with other fish like yellows around 1 cm and They seam to be fine togeather

Just put in a bit of rock work and that for the smaller fry to hide round and U should be fine


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the old question will they eat the fry

in my experience ive found a couple of things

fry are much more vicous (dammn cant spell it) than adults fry have a tendancy of hunting things if they move quickly as a rule if one lot is more than double the size i avoid putting em together

Roo gave some good advice heap of rock and stuff for em to hide around

I also feed my fish a mixture of flake pellets and crumble generally this makes sure there something floating around for the bubs If in doubt feed em a bit just before you turn the lights out hungry fish will come out and look for it


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