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I finally got fry!!!!

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My kadango spat this evening showing at least 11 fish so far.

She still is picking them up and spittting them out....

Not really sure wats that all about....?

Now when should i start to feed them, wat food, how often....

So many many questions.....im just stoked i got sum fry after a long time i thought my gold fins would never breed.

Any help would be awesome.

Excited davo.

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Hi Dave,

Congrats on the fry. By kadango I assume you mean Copadichromis borleyi or "red fin kadango". These guys are quite big fry and will take finely crushed flake, but I prefer to feel all my fry newly hatched brine shrimp for the first week or two and then get them onto the crushed flake. Small feeds and often are best.

Cheers, Doug

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Yeh they actually gold fin kadango's....

yeh there size is pretty big, only got 8 fry from her but its her first so maybe next time ill get more.

Where can i get newly hatched brine shrimp or is it baby brine shrimp?


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