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WTB: 4ft Sump OR A Cheap 4ft Tank

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Hey everyone,

i have resently bought 6 5ft tanks and i am going to set up a sump on them but i need either an already established sump (no filter media, just with glass already fitted in etc.) or otherwise i need a cheap 4ft that i can turn into a sump myself. 8O

Thanks, Bray_dog :D

Please PM me if you have either or if you know of anyone that has either.. :wink:

I'm on Gold Coast

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haha, thanks guys but the bottom tank is to low to the ground to the top of the sump needs to be lower than the last tanks holes. So the top of a home made one would be to high... lol thanks any ways


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Hey all,

I'm all good now, i contacted a fellow breeder and he has agreed that i can buy a 4ft off of him and he will make it into a sump for me (he is my mentor, lol)

Thanks for all the help though everyone!!! 8O

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