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Was the auction organised and run well  

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I was happy.

Got a Psuedotropheus "Mpanga" 8cm male for $4 ! 8O

Been hunting for one the last few months, the two LFS's that I've actually seen them both were asking $19.95 for juvies.

Also scored 5 juvie Albino Zebras for $15. Very happy with that because I've been wanting some for my dad's display tank.

And 5 juvie Psuedotropheus "Neon Spot" for $22. Don't really see these around much and a great looking cichlid. Looks like I might have one boy and four girls.

Then I was out of there by 6.30pm 'cause what I wanted came up early plus able to get home for the AFL on telly. Err sorry, I mean home to the wife and kids for quality time.

From those first two hours a lot of great buys but no one was interested it seemed. Fair crowd, maybe 150 or so? A few varieties of Aussie Natives, Africans, Bettas, they had Discus even. But everyone just looking and not bidding. :?

I'm actually a little intrigued as to what the majority of people were actually there for, 'cause they were offering fish for peanuts!

I was lucky, got what I wanted and all my buys look to be excellent quality - you just can't get that kinda value from a shop :D

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i think this one was very quiet and somethings were over priced

$50 for 2 small firefin comp :roll: sorry people but lets be real here

but on the other hand a 5cm moba fronnie for $70 and no one wanted it :cry:

and i agree with you gtr73 yes it is a chance for ppl to catch up but ppl are just so rude and so many of us couldn't hear whats going on

i seen smiley there didn't say hi tho and someone pointed "darkangel" out too me but was lil shy to say hey

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should have said hi shane as per normal i thought i knew a heap of people but couldnt remember any names lol

got myself some red horse faces and a couple of guppies and some guaranteed pure endlers I wanted to compare to mine and got to say mine look almost exactly the same so im happy

wife went mad on plants she wants the next display tank to be heavily planted with cats and endlers

yeah strange night the better fish didnt sell and the good ole reliables went off

hard to sell anything tonight


ps I didnt think there were too many doubles maybe too many guppies towards the end

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My first ever fish auction and I never bought a fish!

Being a relative newbie to fish, I had trouble knowing what it was they were selling by scientific name. By the time the actual picture came up on screen, they were already sold although some cichlid, guppy and plant pics seemed to come up pretty quick as there were a lot of those being auctioned.

I did buy several plants and some glass shrimps and the hot dogs were very tasty (thanks to the caterers.) :D

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This was my first auction for more then two years. From the faces, could only remember the people who run the show (which is good, new blood into the hobby).

Arrived at 7 and it finished at 11. A lot of people left early because there was no second around of offers.

I agree it was noisy (lots of ankle bitters enjoying themselves). But I also think that the venue added to the noise. Just the size of the place. Parking is alot easier but.

Didn’t buy anything but I was interested to know what the L number plecos that sold for around $60. Same guy brought all 3 (L1??).

The best bargain for the night I saw was a piece of driftwood maybe 4ft long, just amazing for $50.

I may not wait another two years before I attend the next auction.


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Yeah they had some great Driftwood bargins before you got there too.

I should clarify my comment "you just can't get that kinda value from a shop." I should add to this - the auction is always gamble.

At a shop you can see, get advice and know what you're getting and in my instance I got lucky.

But for people going for the first time the best approach is have some specific species in mind before you get there, and be prepared to gamble a few bucks on something you can't see.

Let's face it, most fish are pretty much about a third of the price of a shop's. I too was amazed those bags of Blues didin't go for a lousy $15.

So don't hold back on a $4 fish, like what happened with the Mpanga I got - I think someone threw their hand up just as the auctioneer said "Going twice - gone!"

No offence to that person, but they were asking $4 for an adult male for crying out loud! $20 for the same fish at any shop.

Admittedly, it was early in the auction and there might be some hesitation, but for something starting at that cheap just gamble the money you might have for the Big Mac meal you planned on the way home! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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well if the fire fins sold were they really overpriced, and ive seen them in some shops for $60 at that same size.

i saw a 7cm white knight electric blue that steve was trying to auction and we all know he talks fish up like anything, and even before he started he knew it wasnt going to sell.

got 2 male longfin albino b/n for $87 that were breeding size..very good bargain although there was discussion about whether it was a male and female..

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firefins did sell (1 only out if 3 bags) but what craps me off is that same fish from a well known breeder on here sells for $15 don't get me wrong probably nice fish but can u guarentee there good quality or are they crap ones someone was trying to clean out prior to winter and u just payed TOP dollar...

oh $60 for that size in shop -- no wonder i don't by fish from lfs

as for the large white knight male very nice fish $80 as steve bains said "can't see it selling for this"

at one stage i was talking to another person there in regard to it being a slow sale night and i agreed with him when he said most things come up as only a single fish in a bag eg. lepto's 99% of ppl want a group not a single fish and i makes it hard when the auctioneer says "the fish lives better ina small group" and now the fish gets passed in..

it was a good night though.

"please note these are my opinions and not that of anyone else nor this forums"

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did anyone stay till the end? what time did it finish?

i love going even if it's just to catch up with ppl. i caught up with a couple and there were a few pointed out to me also and a few that i saw that i didn't say hi to (sorry pete again!)

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the fire fins were mine. they went for $25 ea not $60! and one bag of 2 were passed in... and why shouldnt i get a better price, i spent 2 hrs cathing and bagging all the fish for the auction then filled out all the paperwork, 20% of the sale went to the fish club! and sat there all night waiting for them to come up, and if ur worried about quality u can always go up and view the fish, and if ur really anal take a magnifying glass!

what does ur breeder do for his $15 takes a phone call, someone comes around and he bags them up.

supply and demand! no-one takes comps to the auction! so someone does and now they get drilled for it! u can get $40ea @ 3cm in other states if u want to get that particular.

i was there til the end, finished about 11:00 i think.

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Ok I didnt get a chance to go. but it sounds as though it was pretty quiet. On the firefin comment auctions were originally designed to get people bargains not make premium dollar unless of course the bids went that way. Ok if the reserve was less than that and bidders pushed it up good on the seller. But if you put a premium price on the fish as a reserve, well let me just say I wouldnt have bid on them myself but if someone took them hey what the heck.

2hrs personally baggin fish well I will get you up here next time I do a delivery to the wholesalers it generally takes at least 5 hours the day before to bag the orders. Then do the invoice, not too mention the hour and a half there and hour and a half back, also time talking to em after all they are clients. I wouldn't complain about the time you had to pack em and take em to the auction. And I wouldnt use it as an excuse to up the price of fish if you arent willing to put the time in then your in the wrong game.

And if you think to sell to the wholesaler is to take a phone call wait for em to pick em up and bag em well you really don't know what breeders go through. Ok maybe if I was to sell a couple at a time to the public then you have a point. But if i know the breeder that littlefish is talkin about then thats not the case.

The trouble is if someone is willing to pay that kind of money for a fish then let em but many of us wouldnt because we know better than that.

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they went for $25 ea not $60!

mate i think u need to re read my last post i DID NOT say they sold for 60 i was replying to what "atlas aq" said about him seeing the at that size in lfs

and if ur worried about quality u can always go up and view the fish, and if ur really anal take a magnifying glass!

i was not in anyway having a go at you about the price of them i was just refering to what they went for.

i did go and have a look and when price was mentioned i didn't put my hand up

going and viewing the fish is what i do when they come but that dose not prove what quality breeding stock they come from just a precaution i like to take when buying Alto's

what does ur breeder do for his $15 takes a phone call, someone comes around and he bags them up.

yes PLUS you get to see what your buying properly , view there parents to asses good blood line. a good chat about what they have been feeding them and any other question u have and one final thing ALOT less attuide then what u have been giving. SO U GET ALL THAT FOR A LESSER PRICE

benni ill say it again i WAS not saying you were ripping anyone of nor having a go at you

so all i can say is take a chill pill .......................

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Well if anyone pointed out who darkangel was to you, then I was the handsome bloke sitting besdie her...lol..

Agree Auction was a complete bust for sellers. I got a big peice of wood (currently soaking in laundry sink) and gaint bag of filter wool. Wife made me sit on my hands most of the night for fish since we are trying to reduce our numbers currently. O well she sat there for 5 hours and only spent 7 bucks at the canteen. [win win situation] I seen that mapanga you got sweet deal. I noticed you got heaps of good deals and great fish. I got up to go and introduce myself and poof you were gone.. 8O ..

Just to make people even more upset that didn't buy those moba for 75 bucks they are from one of the top 3 breeders on this forum if not the best. You missed out definately. Overall auctions are always fun and I enjoy them but who will really sell there fish at these auctions if they only get peanuts for there fish or have to take 90% back home 8O8O .. I feel for all the sellers ...

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