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Firemouth compatability

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We are going to sell the tanks in the garage and the firemouths will have to go into a display tank or find a new home.

The options are african or mix of small fish

The African has planned at the moment:

trio of Labidochromis sp "Mbamba"

trio of Metriaclima fainzilberi (Albino)

two Humpheads

trio of BN

I am hoping to add a couple of other trios, not sure what yet.

The other option is our 6ft and it has:

rainbows, blue eyes, seprae tetras, plecos, congo tetras, bolivan rams, kuli loaches, corys, flying foxes, borneo sucker and whiptails.

I think they are a bit too aggressive to go in there.

What do you guys think?


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They should do fine in the African tank. While I do recommend against mixing Americans and African Rift Lakes, Firemouths are very hardy fish and live in relatively hard/high pH water in Central America, so it shouldn't be too difficult on them.

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