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The odds of getting desired m/f ratios in fry purchases

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Found this interesting link from cichlidforum.com showing the odds of obtaining a desired male / female ratio when purchasing anything from 2 to 7 fry. (eg it's 76% likely that you will get at least 1 male and 3 females from a group of 7 fry and so on).

I know some species such as saulosi are easy to sex as fry but there are many where it's very, very difficult as fry. eg maingano, yellows, demasoni etc

http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/b ... groups.php

It would be good to hear people's experiences and whether they support or go against the probability stats outlined in the above article.


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damo"s train of thought is on the money.........

that will beat the odds every time,

grow 20 or 30 up to sub adult stage and then pick your very own colony,

juvies grow quick,

sell the surplus and get back most of your initial outlay anyway,

{depending on how many you wish to keep}

keep a decent amount of girls to one or two boys,

so the girls don't cop a flogging all the time,

and have a happier, longer lasting, more productive colony.

It doesnt have to end at that either,

keep the first batch of fry, grow to sub adults again,

select the girls, and introduce back into original colony.

If your serious about keeping that particular species for the long term,

you should never have to purchase them again.

And along the way,you are hopefully improving the strain of that species.

Africans, americans, whatever

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Thats very helpful well done

Though it seems to be based on the fact there will be an even split of males and females in the fry

Even so its still very handy and either way going to be very close and close enough for us guys to use


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There is also another topic for discussion here................

assuming you intend to keep the first batch of fry for future breeding purposes,

you would be hoping for more girls in that batch of course,

would anyone like to share their theories on altering PH, or other water chemistry values in the breeding colony water, to alter the course of nature and possibly create more girls for the next generation???

what do you think.........


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