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Using clove oil to Euthanise a fish

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Hey guys

I have been along term adviser on using clove oil to euthanise a fish though I hadnt actually had to do it to any large fish before

I had been taking the advice of a very well known fish Vet who I have had alot dealings with over the years but yesterday I had a customer who had a very sick Red Devil which was around 35cm long

This fish was curled constantly and couldnt hold his place in the water

Only laying on his side curled up on the bottom and then swimming around and stopping dead in the water and sinking like a stone

As I dont like to sell meds to customers who have no chance of the fish surviving as one its a waste of money and 2 its only causing the fish more pain or discomfort

I advised him to use the clove oil method as the most Humane but seeing he had this fish for around 6 years he couldnt bring himself to do it and asked If I could do it for him

I could totally understand his situation having lost my large Devil some months ago

I placed him in the largest bucket I had which half full held nearly 15 litres

I added a small mixture of water and clove oil which I used 3 drops to each litre

This has been shaken up as oil and water dont like to mix

Once add to the bucket the fish literally slowed down straight away and I could see him slowly going to sleep

After 15 mins in the bucket the rate of respiration was down to every 5 secs or so which it what I had expected

After 30 mins I had observed no gill activity at all and I placed him into a bag and into the freezer confidant the fish was dead and he had felt no pain

For people with large fish and you want a simple end for your fish this by far is the easiest way


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Bravo Brad,

I think its on of the best ways yes, have used this method in years gone past for large americans when breeding them years ago, and would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple and easy way, on both fish and owner.

Good post.


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Aussie it definatly wasnt from lack of Oxygen

Clove oil is an anesthetic which slows the body down

Alittle like overdose on Morphine

It wont hurt but it will kill

Also if it was lack of oxygen the fish wil be gasping at the top which I can assure it didnt


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