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Multiple posts and subsequent flaming and digs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been flamed by many re my "Multiple posts" regarding trading of computers or computer equipment!

I have appologised to the MODS who have approached me! And I in tern appologise to the forum members. how ever I dont know if to reply to the several PMs I received from people whating computers, parts, networking done or help in general!

So Can we please Drop the issue and the flaming in return!

I appreicate the advice and instructions I get from this forum, and know that to some I ask "dumb" questions! But I dont bag people who ask me "dumb" computer related question.

So can we please put this behind us!



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here here

an honest mistake corrected and apologised for I agree this forum needs to move forward

I personally agree with giving someone grief if they do something wrong/inconsiderate or rude. This is the idea of a forum, it should be fun and enjoyable. People have the right to tease and give you some grief if you deserve it, same as you deserve the right to say enough is enough and to move on.


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Look don't take it all to heart. The ribbing, etc will pass. I think Ryan needs to think twice before he posts up complaining. Wasn't he guilty of a similar thing not that long ago.

Look things happen and they tend to pass. People don't forget too quick but over time it will settle down. I remember me having a dummy spit over a 2am text message and that joke carried on for a while. To start with I was rather unimpressed but I'm over it now and it's a bit of a joke.

Just remember to look at the bright side. You gave us all some thing to talk about.

Jenny :D

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