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Redlands Pet Centre

Redlands Pet Centre - Bayfish Trip ***FULL***

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Redlands Pet Centre is now an official sponser of this forum. Thank you to Brad and the other moderators for allowing us to be a part of this forum.

As our 1st official sponsership we have arranged for a day trip to Bayfish (Bay Tropical Fish Farm) to be held on Monday 07/07/08.

I am currently arranging the itinery for the day, but it will be something like this:

Meet at Redlands Pet Centre

Tim from Aqua Blue will give a talk on the nexus filter systems. He is also a bit of a marine fish expert. (Tim is still to be confirmed)

Leave by Bus from Redlands Pet Centre

Arrive at Bayfish

Tour of Bayfish

Demo and talk on Eheim filters

Have lunch at Bayfish (Probably a sausage sizzle)

Return to Redlands Pet Centre by bus

I am currently arranging with Bayfish for you to be allowed to purchase fish on the day. They are happy to do that, but they can't and won't sell direct to the public, so all purchases will have to be through Redlands Pet Centre. They cannot make their wholesale list available to the public, but we will hopefully have a good list of fish at great prices on the day.

Also as they don't sell direct to the public they will only allow people in that arrive on the bus from Redlands Pet Centre. I know this will be a bit of a problem for some of you that already live on the Northside, but I can't see any other way around it.

I am also trying to arrange for good prices on Eheim filters and Jager Heaters on the day. Maybe a few other things as well.

There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day.

When we return to Redlands Pet Centre, we will also have some great prices on stock that will be only for QLDAF members. Trust me there will be some bargains. Those who know me, will know how good these will be.

So, as there is catering and a bus to be arranged I would really like to get an idea of how many of you would be interested.

Please respond to this topic so I can get an idea of it's popularity.

I will arrange final bookings and numbers closer to the day.

Oh, and the cost.

Redlands Pet Centre will be meeting the cost of the Bus Trip, Lunch and Drinks on the day. So it should be totally free.

This trip is only available to QLDAF members. If you have friends that may want to come, please make sure they register on the forum.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Redlands Pet Centre

Ph. 3823 3733

Email redpets5@bigpond.com

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Looks like we might have a great day ahead of us.

Also, to help me get together a Specials List of fish available on the Bayfish day, can you please tell me what you would like to see on it.

I am an African Cichlid and Catfish person myself so I would tend to lean that way. So, if you would prefer other types of fish to be on special, please let me know. I know japes is a bit of an American Cichlid fan, so I'll make sure there are some americans on there as well.


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Count me in.

South American dwarf cichlids, apistogramma and Laetacara especially. Seeing as most L numbers are illegal, #@!* unless they have a contact who operates in the dark.

Also tetras, Geen Neon tetras, Marbled hatchetfish, Threestripe pencilfish, Dwarf pencilfish, and quality Lemon tetras.

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