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hey all, as some of you know i recently got a new 6x2x2.

after getting it on the stand, the endless gravel washing had begun

one day after school i washed one bucket of the filthy stuff and it took me 40 or so minutes for one bucket. i left it at that for the day, then got home from work today and thought of an easier way to do it.

i went and got a normal bucket from bunnings (for about 90 or so cents)

went and got my drill, and attacked the bottom of it to look something like this



so after i had the product, i needed a method, i found it best to use as little gravel as possible, it will take longer but will come much cleaner.

fill the bucket with gravel, about 2 inches or so, then with your hose (only if you have rain water) and swirl the hose through the gravel repeatadley till the water comes clean, this method worked great for me as my gravel was filthy

hope this will help all those who need a better method of washing gravel



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