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FREE: 2' x18" x18" Tank - **ON HOLD**

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FREE: 2ft x18" x18" tank, 5mm thick all round with 6mm base, less than 6 months old but has a minor leak.

One of Ed's tanks from Caboolture markets, I've smoothed off all the sharp edges. I started to fix the leak and have removed 3 inside edges of silicone for re-doing. All you have to do is remove the rest, re-silicone and leak fixed.

Although easy to fix, I basically couldn't be bothered as I just got a replacement for cheap. An extra tank isn't an option and the missus wants it outta the house.

So that's why it's free.

Someone come take it off my hands. :wink:

I'm at Mitchelton, Northside Brisbane, PM or reply here.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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