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Hello everyone, :D

I just searched the forum and could not find any fish flake instructions so i searched google and hound this one:



Gather a few key ingredients, such as carrots, peas, broccoli, yams, oranges, apples and lettuce. Mix them up thoroughly with a blender or food processor.


Add equal parts of shrimp and crab legs (both with shells still on) and/or smelt, a fish that's food for salmon. Don't use oily fish like herring or mackerel. Blend this mixture so that it's very fine.


Sprinkle in some Selcon, an aquarium food booster used to give the food additional nutrients, such as OMEGA3 fatty acids and vitamins C and B12. Blend so that the mixture has a muddy consistency when stirred. If you need to use liquid to thin the mix, use carrot juice.


Boil 9 tablespoons water and add 9 tablespoons unflavored gelatin. Then mix it with the vegetable mix from above, pour it into a pan and allow it to cool. You can freeze the mixture for later. Just be sure you cut it beforehand so it will be easier to separate later into small bags to use as needed.


Consider adding Spirulina to your next batch of fish food. Spirulina is blue green algae and is being developed as the "food of the future" for fish, pets, farm animals and humans alike. 8O

I thaught that this may help any other breeders that need a cheaper alternative...

Cheers Bray_Dog :D

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uh.... thats just european shrimp mix......

making flake is easy enough

but you need hot rollers to turn it into flakes.

hmmmm quick check....... I had a fair few recipes up here before the forum hack that resulted in a few thousand of me posts melting lol


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