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FS: Plastic Plants, rocks and sponge filter

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Couple of things for sale:

These two rocks, the big one's very nice. just about 30cm long, about 4cm thick, 12.5cm wide on the widest point.

The other one is lava rock i think.

$15 for both, wont separate them for sale

platic plats, 2 pieces of the bushy one, the big piece is 25cm long, 5cm wide, the small piece is 10cm long, 5cm wide. the third one's just an amazon sword like plant.

$6 the lot, wont separate for sale

internal sponge filter, great for breeding or hospital tanks, big sponge, as new comes in box.

advertised as suitable for tanks up to 480 litres.


a picture of the rocks and plants can be seen here http://www.petlink.com.au/post/ShowPic.php?B=15&Ad=884283&Jpg=169919

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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