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soft water..????

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There are many myths about how to get soft water. Driftwood, peat moss are two of the myths. Both will decrease pH, but neither will actually soften water.

You can also get "water softening" pillows - these replace calcium with a range of other ions - and again are of little real use. Typically if you really need soft water Total Disolved Solids are more important anyway and replacing one ion with another does little.

To actually soften water live plants will help as Ryan said - but need a lot of plants to effectively natrually filter out the salts.

Alternatives are RO or rain water.

However what are you keeping that you need soft water for. Often the softness required can be overstated - especially in commonly bred species.....

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May be you can set up a hidro filter system

That way you can filter your tanks as well as get soft water with out planting out your tanks I will find the link and put it up in a sec http://www.aquarium-pond-answers.com/20 ... lters.html

this will give U a small idear or you could just run the water through storm water pipes


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Great Link there roo!

I use this system on my pond.....but.... Sorry it doesn't soften water to any great extent

filters out nutrients so keeps water top quality.

So food feed to fish is excreted as nutrients that the plants use.

Best way to create soft water is as gingerbeer explained...Rainwater or RO water....

Rainwater being the most environmentally responsible....as RO water creates a lot of waste water.....ok if you can use it....just keep 4 times as many rift lake fish as soft water ones!

You don't need soft water to keep or breed most fish......however some species(rams) the eggs will only hatch in soft water.

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