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Wanted: 4 Foot or larger setup

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Hi, thanks for that.

Need something that is decent looking.

Stand must be stained at a minimum but will let that slide if the price is right.

Wanna get the whole setup from the one person hopefully.

Can go up to 7 foot.

Looking to buy this weekend. Willing to pay for something that is good.

I am located in Samford so locality also plays a factor. I have a ute so transporting isnt really much of an issue.

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Said this to N.

Wow your like an hour drive away.

OK I will buy it for $600 but let me figure out transport and get back to you.

So sold for $600 pending my research into moving it.

His location is down as being Nth of Brisbane which I thought would be near me but no, over an hour away so it was too much hassle to move it. Sorry for not letting him know as soon as possible but in every effort I did as I was also moving house on the weekend and this was not at the top of my priorities.

Anyway, tank found. Mods please close the thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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