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white or black i need your help (calvus)

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my brother bought these from a LFS cost a packet was told the were white calvus

they just don't seem white enough more greyish

sorry photo's are the best i could get! (phone)





if there not what ithere ment to be what can he do?

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i cant see the pics :( how big are they? if they are white calvus they should have white lips and black calvus have black or when the males are bigger blueish lips. sometimes when black calvus are small or stressed they look similar to white calvus. i used to have 2 small whites and 2 blacks in the same tank they were all around the same size and sometimes it was hard to tell the difference, but by looking at the colour theyre lips was how i could tell them apart.. someone might say im wrong but i have found this worked for me.

if it was me and they definately werent white calvus i would not be happy and id go back and ask for a refund..

but thats just me!

try and get the pics to work and we can id them for you

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