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FS: 6 ft Display setup

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Hi all,

I don't have time for fish at the moment so I'm putting my display set up and all bits and pieces up for sale.

Tank is 6 x 18 x 20

Stained stand and matching hood

4ft light

2 x external cannisters - 1 is an eheim professional

Air pump, heater etc

1.5ft grow out tank

Lava and limestone rocks

Sand substrate

Fish - colony of Xenotilapia Spilopterus, Pairs of dolphins, tropheus chipimbi, transciptus gombe and Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis. Also 12 or so juvenile mpangas in the grow out tank.

Will also throw in all the food, buckets, nets etc etc that I have lying around.

Tank is in display condition (no noticeable scratches).

Will post up pics tonight.

Looking for $800ono for the lot - including fish.

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Sorry all,

I have been in Sydney for the weekend and haven't had a chance (until now) to read pm's or post the pics.

So to answer the questions in no particular order:

-Yes I am home (that one made me laugh);

-2 pics of the setup will be at the bottom of this post;

-Yes the setup and fish are still for sale;



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Glad to hear it.

All the fish have now been taken. Set-up is ready to be taken. Ill leave it running to keep the filters cycled. Make me an offer.

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All pm's replied to.

$600 firm.

Great set-up, not a cent to spend. Good quality hardware (eheim professional cannister). Heaps of accessories including small grow-out tank and anything you can find in my house that is fish related.

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