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Zucchini is so dirty

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And I'm not being rude (Kiera!!)

My bristlenose tank looks a putrid mess, although the fish seem happy enough in it. The kids can't see anything because of the zucchini residue floating around. Yes I am feeding too much of it, but....

I've got lots of babies!

I've vacuumed the gravel-free bottom, and done small water changes. Filtration is a hang on side aquaclear-style filter.

How can I clean up/clear/fix/prevent the cloudy green quagmire that is my B/n tank????

Thanks in advance,


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I love my sponge filters. They seem to clear the water well and provide something for the fry to munch at. I think they tend filter out the small bits making it clearer quicker. You could try adding some fine filter wool to your hang-on (if you don't already).

They are at Age of Aquariums too. I would give you the link but My computers having a holiday and this seems to be the only site that will open before it times out :lol:


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