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Cyphotilapia Frontosa Ikola "Lightning Blue"

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Hey there,

Heres a few pics of my ikola frontosa colony, i will update this thread regularly so we can all see their progress.

Heres the 2 males when i first got them in april last year, they are around 7cm in this pic and roughly 4-5months old. There were also 2 girls in there but they wouldnt come out for the photo..



Then i was addicted, a few weeks later i got another 3 girls from doug. Once they settled in i took this pic, it was taken in august 07 the 2 dominant males are around 9 months old they range between 6-9cm


Heres the dominant male 1 month later hes 14cm and starting to look alot bluer.. September 07 about 10 months old.



Another one of the alpha male 1 month later. Oct 07


And this is the sub-dominant male the same day.


Alpha male Nov 07. 15cm and looking awesome now


Sub dominant male the same day.


Alpha male- Feb 08 around 17cm


Alpha male- Mar 08


The dominant male has gone really dark in the last few months and the sub dominant has really coloured up, Heres a pic of the alpha male- April 08 there are now 10 in the colony from 6cm- 18cm


Sub dominant male the same day hes 18cm now and getting alot bluer


and one of the girls at about 12-13cm


Thats all i have for now but i will keep it updated

Thanks for looking!

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I feed them a range of different foods including- nls cichlid formula and nls large fish formula, osi spirulina flake, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, any deformed or reject fry from my fry tanks, yabbies that i pump down the river, small peices of fresh fish whenever i catch some, and live glass shrimp that i collect myself from the salt water. They rarely ever get the same thing 2 nights in a row.

I think the dominant males in most species go really dark as they mature, some species get to the point of turning almost black. i have seen a fair few fully black 7 bar kigoma male fronts. My alpha male has coloured up even more in the past few months but i havent had a chance to get a pic, when he comes out from his cave hes a dark navy blue colour sometimes you cant even make out his bars but once he swims over the gravel where its brighter he gets his bars back and lightens up.

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Thanks Dumpie & Wolften,

Nice Wolften show us some pics when ya get them. Where are you getting them from?

& Thanks again for offering Dump but until the last stand is made i have no space left for any more tanks i am getting 2 more this arvo which will only just fit in... if you have nothing to do you can come around if ya want but yeah just no room for tanks.


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lol my rage builds up everytime you post up a new picture...

if i have a big enough tank by the time you got fronny babys i think ill catch the fronny buzz

lol dam u mick making me want fish i shouldnt have haha

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