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Hey guys,

I used to own a 3ft Tropical tank a couple of years ago but I went off Aquariums for a while. Now I'm looking to get another tank, but only a small one that I either want to put a couple of Cichlids or a school of small tropical fish in. I'm looking at getting a Hang-On filter off Ebay but I'm not sure what brand of filter to go with.

So far I've come across AquarWorld, Aqua One and the no brand filters.

I remember Aqua One from back in the day so I was looking more into them, to me AquarWorld sounds like an Ebay scam brand, a name that looks like a legit brand but is just cheap and nasty?

Thanks guys


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you get what you pay for

the cheaper brands are ok and sometimes represent good value

like most things if your only starting its not too big an investment and if you decide to get more serious you can always upgrade

I have a rule the bette the fish the better the filter


try age of aquariums he is very reasonable and will not steer you wrong

and you dont have to buy off ebay with an uncertain retailer

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Hi BkD

Both Aqua One and Aquarworld are "legit" brands. They both now offer a 3 year warranty and they both stand by it.

We sell both brands and have had very little problems. In the cases we did have problems, the units were replaced. This is the reason we, as a retailer, deal with these companies. No hassle replacements.

Now although these brands find there way on to the net, particularly Ebay, they are typically not supported unless the seller has a retail store and not just an online store. So beware if something goes wrong.

Now in saying that we will always match or better an online price as long as we do not sell below cost, so give me a call or PM if I can help.

Although I consider the Aqua One and Aquarworld filters best for value compared to quality, I do really like Aquaclear Hang On filters. The best part about the Aquaclear Filters is that you can put in your own media like Matrix or glass noodles or JBL MicroMec. This makes them far more efficient for biological filtration.

The Aqua One and Aquarworld filters are cartridge based with a plastic biofilter. They definately work quite efficiently but not as efficiently as an Aquaclear fitted out with the right media.

The only problem with the Aquaclear is that the total cost with good media will probably be about double that of the Aqua One and Aquarworld filters.

I hope this is helpful.



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Thanks guys! Had a look around today at the local aquarium shops. One of them is closing down and had no filters left and the other one didn't have AquaClear but they did have Aqua One and AquarWorld. I'm pretty keen on getting a AquaClear but I don't want to drive all over the place to get one. I live in Noosa so if anyone knows of a shop close by that has AquaClear? I don't really want to have to drive to Maroochydore for a filter, but I'd drive that far for fish and plants. :P Unless someone on here can send me one and I deposit the money into their account or something. I'm looking for one that's new and I wouldn't mind getting some extra media for the filter as well and maybe even a heater.

I have a question though. The tank I have has ledges on it for glass lids but I have a wooden hood for it so I don't have the glass lids. Can the filter still hang on with the ledges there? I'll post up a photo of the set-up if that helps.

Cheers for all your help guys, really appreciate it! :D

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The ledges shouldn't be a problem to get off, they're pretty flimsy, not the best quality tank but it holds water and it is see through, that's all I need! :D

if you can't have the ledges I'll probably cut them off with a sharp knife into the silicone or something.

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