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I Cant See Any Eggs!!!! Please Help!

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last night a girl went in there and im pretty sure they bred.

coz she was in there for a while.

then she left in a hurry.

and he started to fan with his back fins.

and every now and then we would go out and come head first the go back out and go in tail first.

then about 2 hrs ago another girl went in and they had some more fun.

and he is still doing the same with the going in and out and fanning.

but no matter how hard i look with a torch i just cant see any eggs.

does this mean there are no eggs and he is just fanning for fun?

or am i stupid coz its hard to see the eggs?

he hasnt left the log since yesterday.

can i please get some help?


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Swervin Shervin

Dude, wats the go matey, how would ya like it if right at that moment of lustful bliss ya mumma come shine a torch in on ya???????? They are probably going through the motions currently and the males do fan out the little love nest to clean it out, so let nature take its course, dont shine a bloody torch in there for gods sake matey, leave em be, u are probably scaring the buggers more so doing that than juss leaving them alone, BN's go into their caves for a reason, they dont wanna hump and pump with the lights on dude, chill put away yer voyeuristic tendancies and leave em be and in no time flat i am sure you will see some bubs :)

Ray :roll::oops::oops::oops::oops:

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hey ray.

well lets say ive been lucky and mum hasnt come in with a torch befor 8)

im just wanting them to breed already lol.

but can you see the eggs when they are in there?

or whats the deal?


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Yes you can see the eggs they are a yellow sort of clump like snail eggs i guess. as Ray said don't go shining a torch in there or if he does have eggs he might kick them out. They really dont like to be bugged. When you stop watching them they will do it

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hey shervin

come over to jessies place over the weekend

and i can show u what not to do according to everyone yet its working fine for me

m8 if i think the male is fanning im shining a torch in to see and ive never had a batch kicked out yet and if they do i have a solution to that issue

drop by and i'll show ya mine

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