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Need some advice

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Well I have the new 4ft setup with my cichlids in it but things don't seem right so I just want some advice on what to do next.

I have in there:

Metriaclima fainzilberi (Albino) Breeding Trio

Labidochromis sp "Mbamba" breeding Trio

Steatocranus casuarius - Humpheads x 2

Common Bristlenose - breeding trio

Thorichthys meeki - Firemouth x 2

A pic of the tank


Most of the rocks are all rounded, a couple have broken off ends that aren't round but they aren't sharp either. The rocks are placed on the bottom of the tank and gravel put around so I don't think they should fall. Calicum carb gravel. Canister filter running and the sponge is temp while the tank is settling in. Carl kicked them out of their other tank a bit quick. I am thinking of adding a power filter for a bit more grunt later but at the moment the tank is only likely stocked so I don't think it's a probem, yet. It's been setup about 2weeks and the water parameters are fine:

A,N,N 0,0,5

PH 7.8

kh 4-5

gh 10

The Labidochromis females are been hurt badly, they seem to be having their faces smashed up under the rocks or something. I saw the first girl just after they went into the tank but she has just about recovered now. Now the other girl is sporting a big mark down the top half of one side of her head. I'd get photos but they are hiding heaps.

The Metraclima Male is being a brute and a half. He is chasing everything around and bullying everything in his path. The only ones that aren't been chased are the Humpheads, they turn on him and he backs off. I am thinking he's the one hurting the Lab. girls. The Lab. Male only comes out once in a while, I rarely see him.

The firemouths have had a beating, lost scales and torn fins. They started to look bad and I was about to take them out but they seem to have call a truce. They have taken a cave they defend from everyone except the Met. Male, he comes in when ever he wants, they don't stop him. They are healing up fast which is good.

The only fish not looking beat up are the humpheads and the Met. male. One of the Met girls did have a mouthful but I think she was chased too much and she didn't keep it.

All the fish except the firemouths were together in the garage and got on fine. The males actual shared a cave 8O but now the Met. Male is on the rampage. They have a lot more hidey holes in the new tank than the old one and it's about twice the size.

Now questions:

Should I arrange the tank different. Make two separate piles? Will that help with the Met Males aggression?

Would it be the Met. Male hurting the others? He's the only one I see chasing everything but I haven't seen him hurt anything yet.

I would like to add other fish. Any suggestions? I would love some of the Kadangas and cobalt blue zebs I saw in LFS's. Maybe some peacocks. Will these be ok? From what I read the Kadangas are more suited to a less aggressive tank.



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personally i think your biggest problem is that your tank is too understocked. also i would be getting a few more girls for all your males. i personally like to try and keep 1m to a minimum of 3f. this will help to disperse the aggresion in the tank.



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