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Hey my names Brock and I used to own a 3ft tropical fish tank, I don't think I have any photos of it around here but if I come across some I'll post em up. I sold all my gear but my girlfriend has had a 2.5ft tank sitting in her room for a while now with coral sitting in it half full of water. So I had to put the tank to good use. I've cleaned it all up and set it up in my room. It has a hood and a 2ft light but nothing else just yet. Hopefully today (30th) I'll be able to pick up an AquaClear Hang-On Filter, Jager 100W Heater, some nice small dark gravel, a tube for the light and get the tank up and running. :D

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Welcome brock, nice to see ya can't give up the addiction..hahaha

Why are you putting in a hang on filter and not powerhead???

Just curious??

And with the gravel be careful as to wat fish you put in there as the gravel does in sum fish affect there colouring i have found.

Just a thought....


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