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Selling 4'x 2'x 500mm, Setup. Everything inc, REDUCED!

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hey people.

i have a tank that is 4 foot (long)by 2 foot (wide)by 500mm(high)

it has a stand made out of pine aswell.

comes with all lids.


1.2x jebao pumps

2.1x aqua one 300watt heater

3.pine stand

4.fish tank

5. 4ft light

the tank is in perfect condition.

comes with 2 pumps.

one is a jebao 915 canister filter.

other is a jebao 2000 internal filter

they both do 1200lth each.

so thats 2400lths a hr in a 360lt tanks which is as you can imagen keeps the tank VERY clean.

had the tank for about 1 month. and neva had any problems.

the tank isnt what i would call a display tankss just due to somethings that need to be done to it.

like adding some trim to the edges(which costs like $10 from bunnings) and just sanding off some of the edges.

cost me:

2 pumps = $230

heater = $37

stand = $130

tank = $180

total = $577

il sell the tank for $380ONONOW $320ONO

dont forget ive only had it for about 1 month and everything works like new and looks just as good!

and im nockin off $260.


will take fish or smaller tanks.

im looking for acouple of 2foot tanks with pumps and heaters and stuff.

doesnt need to have any decor.


Email me for any more info or pics il try to get tonight.


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hey, its a 4ft light with a glowlux tube in it.

it doesnt have a propper housing.

made it sit on the box type of thing.

havent had a chance to get a housing for it since ive only had the light for acouple of weeks.

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