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any idea on whats happening

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Not sure about why this has happened but ive been banned on the old forum the scales and fins one

if there are any moderators from that forum who read this could you please inform me of why i was banned



has this happened to anyone else hopefully its a technical glitch

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Did you get their email? They must think your one of the "problematic members" lol that's more of a joke than anything else. I can't see you being a problem :D

Hi WhoWeR

Scales and Fins is currently going though a few changes due a small group of continuous problematic members. Were emailing all members to let them know we are cleaning up the members database and ensure all accounts are authentic and active.

To ensure your account is kept active could you please reply to this email asap. Any members who have not replied by the 30th June 2008 will be removed from the Scales and Fins forum.

Any questions of queries please reply to this email or pm myself(Calvus) or slack.


The Team.

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Gee Pete

Welcome to the club of members banned for no reason at all

I know Dean reads the forum so he will see this post

At least we are upfront here and wont do anything for no reason

Either we are moral or lazy lol


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and if you have been banned,

i have one word for you ,

CARISFACTORIS...... -- NIL ..........


a forum that bans members for no REAL reason on a paranoid trip,

then in desperation trys to implement a "payment for advice" system via paypal


and now literally BEGS people to vote for itself on aquarank


why would you bother??

p.s. can Grum pull his finger out his rectum and fix this chatroom



young dog - over and out

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I must be lucky.... I told him what I thought just before he deleted a post and I wasn't exactly nice but he didn't ban me. (shhhh.. don't tell him he might ban me now lol)

I tried to help someone on there recently but had half my post deleted because it referred to a different site (cichlid-forum). He never said why and never replied to my pm asking why. I'd be darn if I am going to offer help to someone only to have it deleted for no good reason.


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pete, you don't need to go on that forum anyways so its no loss at all. all us good ppl are here :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: you don't need anyone else lol

as for dean..... he is just a dity old tosser with nothing better to do so thinks he can be all high and mighty by deleting ppl who are regulars on a better forum (this one of course!!!! :lol: ) . the best part is it's the regulars that make the forum and he's getting rid of them all so all he is going to have left is a few ppl who come and go just as quick lol

would LOVE to hear your response as to WHY you are deleting them dean!!!! lol

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I got banned from there last year some time. It was a couple of months before I found this place. Was banned for posting links to C-F and ACE.

Why? Becuase they didn't like links to other forums becuase they were afraid people would stop using Scale & Fins.

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Am i just blind or did they delete all the trader post on there forum??

I cant find any


No your not blind...

"Classified Boards have removed until futher notice. New system will replace this board shortly. Thanks for you patience. "

That'd be handy if you were in the middle of a sale :roll:

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