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Since they are a central american cichlid, they don't necessarily breed in colonies, so a 1:1 ratio is all that is needed. Like most other new world cichlids, if you want a good chance at getting a pair, buy 6 juvies and raise them and let them pair off themselves. But if you are impatient (like me !), just buy a proven breeding pair (not hard to find on this forum!). I bought a pair off ronny and just have them in a plastic tub in the garage with some sand and a few rocks. I didn't know it at the time, but one day I just happened to see some very tiny babies, so they obviously bred about a week before. Now, I've got a metric sh!tload of them !! I totally agree that you just need to add water to a male and female. I intend to move some to my pond and watch them multiply

people here say that they are one of the easiest cichlids to breed and I believe them now (I just wanted them to observe a different breeding behaviour) . A breeding pair shouldn't cost you very much either (ie no more than $20)

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ok heres the recipe


a bucket

a male

a female

and water

air stone and pump

add the water to the bucket and put a air stone in there then plug air pump in

then add fish and then wait and you will have thousands of baby convicts

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