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We often see brilliant photos taken by members of their own fish. I always seem to end up with slightly fuzzy pics or end up missing the perfect shot.

Can our experienced photographers provide us with tips and hints on how to get the good pics? Maybe also talk about the cameras they use, lighting etc.

It would be a great help to any photo noobs (like me :oops: ), cause I have some nice fish to take pics of.



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use your 'macro' setting and keep the lens close to the glass and at a slight angle to avoid the flash reflecting back at you

If you don't know what that is, its the little flower icon on most cameras, enable that then have a play, i also agree with taking pictures at nite, with the tank lites on, and room lites off and take as much photos as you can, only a few will come out looking good :)

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You can position the flash on top of the tank pointing down onto the fish. Then using an off-shoe cable or wireless transmitter, you can trigger the flash. I'm pretty sure the D50 doesn't have the interal triggering that the D70 etc have.

Otherwise you can just clip the flash ontop of the camera but then your lighting is very simliar to your on-board flash. Again diffuse with some tissue or a proper diffuser (Sto-fen Omnibounce or similar) and you could also set the flash/exposure compensation accordingly to reduce any hotspots.

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all good advice. also remember if you are using a digital camera that it doesn't cost anything to develop pictures so you can go crazy & take as many as the flash ram can handle. my camera (sony f707) has a burst3 mode which is very handy for taking pics of things in motion (ie: like quick moving fish!). this mode takes 3 shots per press of the button about 1/2 a second apart... making the chance of that 'just right' position much better.

just remember to delete the crap pics or you'll soon fill your computers hdd up :D

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The more photos you take the more chance of a decent pic

When I was recently down at Dougs to get some pics of the Fronnies

I took over 200 photos in about 40 mins

I ended up keepin about 40 all up

Thats alot better then last time i was there

I kept 5 photos out of 100

I always try and keep on an angle from the glass to reduce glare also

The camera I use isnt the greatest but still goes ok


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Here's one for the foto experts. I have been having no luck taking pics with my digital cam and remembered some not so bad pics I got with my phone. I took some more tonite with both and found I get better pics with the fone. I then realised that my fone set at the highest quality pic is only 640 x 480 res and cam is set on about 2000 and somethin' by somethin'. so is it a case of less is more. is lower res the way to go? will test this theory when I get a chance and recharge my cam batteries, and reduce pic size in camera.

In the meantime can anyone shed some light?


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Using the flash makes the picture heaps better, less blurry. Just focus on one fish at a time to get an interesting picture, take loads and loads of pictures because the more you take the more likely you are to get one at a cool angle or something like that. Taking pictures of your fish while feeding them is good as well, heaps of action in those shots.

Sorry my advise isnt very technical but its what i do to get less plain pictures of my fish, pictures of them actually doing things and incorprating the background and ornaments in the tank, i think it brings out the colours in the fish more as well.

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