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**NEW** sunsun/aqua pro tanks for sale **CHEAP**

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hi every1, i have 4 of those generic, curved glass, all-in-1 tanks u see in pet stores for sale. they are brand new, still in plastic/boxes and very cheap

whats the catch u ask? well parts of the kit(hoods/lights/filters) are either missing or got broken in transit so you will need to set them up like a tradition tank...with normal lids/lights/filters/bubblers etc depending on whats missing. the tanks themselves are undamaged, water tight and look great.

the list is as follows

1x HRC-1020H...tank and 1 short length of filter pipe only. needs lid/light/filter

2x HRC-1015H... 1 is tank only, the other comes with everything except a filter pump. so u get tank + hood with built in fluro + overhead filter box + filter pipes

1x HRC-1012... not 100% sure on model but its slightly smaller than the 1015. tank only, no box.

here are some links for sizing....



http://cn.chinapets.com/product/p_produ ... uctid=2420

HRC-1020H tank only $55

HRC-1015H tank+accessories $50

HRC-1015H tank only $35

HRC-1012H tank only $25

not sure on pricing as they r factory seconds so open to offers!!!

cheers mitch

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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