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tanks for sale

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hi i have,

1. 3 teir stand, six 2x1x(some 15 some 18 high)

2. 3 teir stand, two 2x1x15 and two 4x1x15

3. 3 teir stand, two 4x1x15 and two 2x1x15 (one has front panel 18 high)

a fair few heaters and sponge filters are included.

the stands are wooden.

the tanks are not display quality but do the job.

also included is 2 air pumps that run the whole lot, 1 needs new diaphrams. (one only is needed)

i am currently using all this so will need a definate answer before i empty it all.

at this stage not looking to seperate but may do if no offers come my way.

looking for $500 for the lot or closest offer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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