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June 9, SA Display: Eartheaters

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Just a small update, still struggling to get really nice photos of my G. altifrons though.



Geophagus altifrons 'Rio Tocantins'



Acarichthys heckelii


Geophagus sp. "Araguaia Orange Heads"


Group shot to end on

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Are you giving these guys tetra colour bits? If your not it's well worth it especially for the OH's.

Will pick some up then, they're on Hikari Gold/Bio-Gold, NLS, Peas and Beefheart currently.

Are "TetraColour" the slightly renamed Tetra Colour Bits? "TetraColor™ Tropical Granules" are the product I'm currently looking at. Quote from the website.

Want to bring out the beautiful colors of your larger tropicals? ColorBits Tropical Granules are designed for larger fish such as Discus and Angelfish. In addition, these slow-sinking granules bring color-enhancing nutrition to mid-water and bottom feeding fish. Enhanced with vitamin C and the patented health enhancing ProCare from TetraMin®.
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Hey ozarowana, just a minor update.

Picked up a container of TetraColour Granules a week ago and have been adding a pinch with every meal, Geos are showing nice body colour and illuminance in their scales. Orange Heads are starting to come through with a decent but still restrained patch of orange between the eyes, with a ring around the front half of the eyes and another patch just in front of the dorsal.

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