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Hi guys, I know this is a long shot, but there is a guy named ed that sells tanks cheap.

His name is Ed... thats basically all I know.

He makes the tanks himself from offcuts and is (supposedly) well known.

I had his business card but my wife 'cleaned' it up :(

I was wondering if anyone knows who I am talking about and if you have his number?


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I do believe his name is Ed Williams.

Number is 5495 7442.

On the northside tanks from Fergo (via Littlefish -see dry goods section) are the best quality / price in my humble opinion


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Ed Williams

The caboolture tank maker-

He cops a bit of flack for the edges being sharp etc- I bought 2, which are fine, and have seen some fantastic looking bid tanks. My 4 footer was 60bucks I think, but they are cheap.

Ed just made 20-odd 2 footers for my class; the kids will take them home!

His number is 54957442.

He's on Bellmere Rd Bellmere.

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