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hey im josh, lil bro kinda got me into this stuff. 3ft tank, fluval 700l/h filter, 150w heater, reflecter/light, an i built the stand

got a red top hongi, maingano, kingsizei, flavus, 2 peacocks, red zebra, elect. yellow, jewl bristlenose an sumthing else.

now im thinking of getting a second tank to breed cichlids or bristlenose in, question- are bristle nose hard to breed? an whats sum fairly easy to breed cichlid types that could potentially make me a bit of money through selling there fry haha.


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Welcome josh,

Most fish are fairly easy to breed,

Really depends on how the setup in the tanks is,water parameters,food etc....

Your best bet is to ask the seasoned breeders.....and keep a watchful eye on the livestock page for types/prices

of fish being sold.


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