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Redone 5ft planted tank

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I've moved to a new place, so the 5ft had to be pulled down and redone. Its got a completely different look now, but i dont mind it. This tank is still a work in progress.

Some stats

Substrate: Black gravel mixed with Richgro (maybe adding a top layer of plain gravel over this, havent fully decided as yet *L*)

Lighting: 1 double 4ft T8 Dalbarb reflector (1x 40W & 1x 36W tube) + 2x 2ft T5 (25W tubes i think)

Ferts: None as yet

Filtration: Aqua One 103F Internal

Plants: Java Fern, Java Moss, Crypts, Chain Swords, Wisteria, Elodea, Val, Anubias & Large swords

Driftwood: 4 pieces, 1x large (124cm) & 3 smaller, 1 of the smaller pieces store bought, the rest found

Occupents: Gold gourami, Platys, Bristlenose Cats, Cory Cats, Yoyo Loaches, Neons & some Shrimp

I think that it *L*

On to some pics




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Funny you should mention discus *L* I was checking some out not very long ago. They are a gorgeous fish for sure

Will Discus go in with the fish listed below?

I have 2 Angels, 2 Bristlenose, 5 Pakistani Loches and 2 Clown Loaches that will definately be staying. (the others occupents will be sold/traded if discus are added)

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Angels can be more aggressive than Discus - so purists say no - I have done it but.

Discus can also be scatty - and fast moving fish can upset them - like your loaches.

However it is a big tank - and looks perfect set up wise for discus. I would probably try it myself - but have a plan B just in case. Are you willing to get rid of more fish if it doesn't work?



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Yes, i have been reading about Angels & Discus as tankmates .Much controversy on that one. I do love my Angels though, but if worst come to worst i would rehome or move if troubles arose.

I've also read about loaches, but most seem to think the smaller pakistani is ok, but the clowns maybe a problem as they get far larger. I've also read that clown loaches can damage plants as they get larger, they would be removed if either was the case.

The other fish it seems would be fine with them, so i think even with the 2 variables i'm going to give it a try. The Angels are quite small, the clown loaches way smaller than them, so it gives me a bit of leeway before they may become a problem.

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I ended up going with Angels

The tank has 6 angels (2 have paired up), 5 pakistani loaches, 2 clown loaches, 3 cories, 2 bristlenose and some riffle shrimp

The tank as of tonight


The Angels













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Amazing looking tank, ive always wanted to try and build a planted tank.

Very natural setting, and the lights do it justice too.

My first fish were angels, alot like your "Biatch".They had a few more vertical balck stripes tho, but great fish

lasted along time.Was my fiancee's pick to put them in there.

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WOW...... that is a beautifull tank you have just inspierd me to make my own planted tank i only hope it turns out as good as yours. i have very little exp with plants but it looks so good, how much matenace do the plants need? btw very nice angels. :o

cheers steve

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Newest full tank shot, not real clear at present, cleaned the cannister filter (added new foam media), water change and moved quite a few plants around, so stirred it up a bit. But anyway, this will give you an idea of how its going :)


equkwel ~ Most plants are tidied approx 4-5 weeks apart. The Val needs trimming every 1-2 weeks though

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I've been sitting trying my darndest to catch the 2 bristlenose plecos *L* (i want to move them to a breeding tank), anyway, i notice one of the Angels isnt coming out for a feed :( A quick search and i'm pretty sure Amarillo is dead, i cannot find him anywhere!

Both these problems got me to thinking, time for a tank rescape! I wont get to it for at least another 2 weeks, as i'll have to make sure i have tanks running for the inhabitants while i'm redoing it. Man all the wood readjusting and replanting....i'm looking forward to it, but i'm not lol

So stay tuned..and we'll see what happens

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very nice looking tank Alasse ! cheers for sharing :egrin:

i've only just started my planted tank & i think i'm going to have to remove my 2 bristlenoses & sailfin pleco because if they get a fright & zoom into the undergrowth they often dislodge some plants which i am constantly re-planting... do you have to re-plant floating plants much or is there a method of anchoring the roots?

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