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Who's Been Eating My Anubias?

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I put a few anubias in my tang tank a couple of weeks ago and I'm really happy with how it looks now.

Only trouble is, they are slowly being eaten away by someone. I was under the impression anubias are less prone to being eaten by fish. Is that true?

The fish I have in that tank are:-

Black Calvus

Gold Comps

Sailfin Gibbicep

Cuckoo Catfish




Who is the most likely culprit?

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Sailfin Gibbicep :lafhard:

my plecos are always chewing on mine. just depends on how hard they chew it as to the damage level. I was told that anubis is tough but the newer leaves aren't as tough and they can be picked on. ( I think that's right :perplex: ) Or maybe it was the older leaves when the plants just been moved.... :perplex: ok I can't remember but my moneys on the pleco. :lol:


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