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FS; Complete setup, including stock. Last Chance..$350

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G'day all.

I WANT IT GONE, Last Chance..$350

I've decided to part with my Cichlid tank and concentrate on my Marine tank for a while.

The tank is a 4x18x18 on a pine cabinet with a hood.

The tank is new and has no scratches. The tank is 6mm, but not a crappy one.Has nice bevelled edges and is well made.

The centre-brace was damaged and has been repaired. A heavier 10mm brace has also been added to ensure no problems occur.

The cabinet is unusual in that it stands 1.1m tall, which brings the tank up to a good viewing height. Stacks of storage and room for a sump, if you wish. The hood is currently not fitted as the previous tank was marginally shorter so the rails on the hood just need to be widened slightly to fit which is a very simple job. Hood has 2 fluoros fitted. Will also come with a standard 4' double fluoro as seen in the pic.

The left door has a slight warp, (what cabinet has a door that isn't warped?).

If you were real picky you might want to re-lacquer the woodwork but it is quite presentable as-is.

Filtration is via an Eheim Classic 2217 cannister which has had little use and a Fluval 4 biological power-head which will NOT come with the tank as it's just about on it's last legs. Naturally there is a heater, 300W.

The substrate was replaced 4 months ago with Calcium Carbonate. There is a variety of imitation plants and some Java Fern, which grows like crazy. All the rocks, wood, etc., in the pic are included.

Basically, everything you can see in the pics is included with the exception of the cupboard contents.

The tank is stocked with the following.....

2 x Red Empress >10cm

2 x Msulu Point Acei >6cm

2 x Red Forest Jewels >7cm (and spawn like there's no tomorrow).

1 x Ice-Blue Zebra > 8cm

Several, (about 8 or 9, I think), Tangerine Zebras from 4cm up to around 8cm, I guess.

Some common Bristlenose and some Albino's as well. Can't remember exactly how many, about 6 in total, I think.

2 x Electric Yellows, females, around 6cm.

That's it, I guess. I don't know the m/f ratio of the Zebras. All fish have been/are healthy.

I've never had any problems with this tank or inhabitants. It is well-established and requires little maintenance. (Although it's due for a clean). Nitrates are zero and all parameters are good. You can even have the water, if you want.

I'll be sorry to see it go but go it must. Perfect for someone just starting out in the hobby and about 40% of replacement cost.

$550 for the lot. Cash only, no trades thanks.

You are welcome to view the tank, just PM me.







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