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Brad Wat A Champ "Aquariums Alive"

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Brad at aquariums alive is a champ and so is lyn and josh they allways go the extra mile to help you out for instance i got my setup all threw brad a an excelent price and heaps good service like when i got my lights he screwd them in for me he suppltied me some esp to prime the back of my tank so i could paint it and allways does super sweet deals on his fish and othe products and like he says if u cant find it they surley can so go in good service excelent knowledge.

cheers Dale.

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Thanx Dale

Gee Nick is there anything you dont want for free

I gave you a shirt now you want a hat


Good luck getting one from Mum especially if its the only one she has got

She collects them so if its the only one you got no Chance

Ill have a look around to see what Aquariums Alive caps I got left though


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