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FS: 5ft, 3 tier set up + 4ft set up PRICE DROP

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Hello everyone, as the same with my fishies, i am having to sell my tanks. :(

For sale i have...

A 5ft, 3 tier set up. This consists of three "5(L) x 3(W) x 1.5(H) on a large metal stand. Each tank is divided down the centre (long ways) creating six "5(L) x 1.5(W) x 1.5(H).

They are all drilled and plumbed. The plumbing is not glued, making it easy to move around and re-model to fit your needs.

The tanks also have a brand new 7500L/Hr "AquaPro" pump (I paid $200). This has not been used AT ALL, and still has original box, packaging and various manuels and books etc.

I am asking $600 for all of it, as i do need to make the money back that i spent on them. :)

(I can throw in some small filters and heaters, rocks etc. ;) )





A 4ft set up. It consists of the 4(L)x18(W)x21(H) tank with the stand, hood, canister filter, heater and calcium carb gravel. The hood is a little rusted in some areas but the tank and stand are fine.

I am only asking $250 for the whole set up. :)

(I can throw in some rocks aswell ;) )


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OMG need these gone ASAP i am moving next week and dont want to have to get 2 removalist trucks to move my tanks aswell. I am going to have to do a price drop... even though i am now starting to loose money on the tanks. :(

3 tier, 5ft display (that is tanks, stand, pump and plumbing) only $500


4ft display (that is tank, stand, hood, cal. carb, canister filter and 300w heater) only $200

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Ok im gonna hve to put the 5ft breeding set up down to only $450, truck is coming on friday next week so i reeeeaaalllyyy need these gone by around thursday. Please - I'm open to offers!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Braden

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hello everyone. I have now moved and i have taken my tanks with me :? . Cost a bit!! ;)

Any ways, i still need to sell them asap.

3 teir, 5ft set up is still only $450

4ft display tank (complete set up, for africans) only $200

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