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Need a recomendation...

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This is for my main display tank.. it's not overly large, just looking a bit sparse in the middle/upper strata.

It's a 29gal High (30x18x12) tank. Usual 'weedy' sort of setup with a nice bit of driftwood as the center piece, surrounded by Val. The water is on the soft/acidic side (due to the reminents of some Peatmoss under the gravel). Currently it is home to a colony (12) of full size Peppered Cory's and a pair of Bristlenoses (one of whom is quite big). This mean that the lower Strata is full, so i'm looking for more something in the upper/mid tank range.

My preference is for something South American, a little on the 'odd' side and easy to keep (i tried a few dwarf Cichlids in there but that was back when i was being lazy with water changes, they didn't last long).

Any recommendations?

ATM I'm thinking Angels... but I'm in two minds over them, sure a pair will look nice, but will they A: tolerate the Cory's and B: get too big for the tank. I'm also thinking Krebs, Jewels (i know i know, not South America, but nice), Firemouths and dare i say it Convicts...

Apistogramma species and rams have been sugested, but being that (well atleast the apisto's) are rather shy, live in the bottom strata and need a more hevily planted tank (i really do suck with plants, Val is one of the few that I have every had much sucess with.. that and Wistiria), i'm starting to rule them out.

Appreciate the thoughts and comments.

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apistos and rams will defintely compete for space wiht the pepper cory's

So will kribs, jewels, convicts, and firemouths to a lesser extent.

Angels are a good idea. How about festivum - nice shape and colour and something a little different.

Otherwise go something non-cichlidy - halfbeaks could be fun - livebearer and real top living fish.

Endlers guppys could be fun.

Lots of options.


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Thanks for hte tips....

I thin i've prity much decided on Angels... but those Festivums also look interesting.

I already have a few Elders guppies (only babies, my adults died in the heat). I'm a bit fenatical about keeping things from the same area in the same tank. As cool as a some halfbeaks would be, they're a SE Asian fish and to me would jsut look 'wrong' in the tank.

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