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WOW wat a day!!!! Hints on tank Moving! How not toooo hahaha

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Well well well, what a saga today was!!!!!! It was all planned! A well oiled machine, troops were all called in, all debriefed on the action ahead, if they were game enuff to accept the mission! This was the time to pull out if not!

Here’s the plan,

• Wake up 8.00am (have breakfast)

• 9.30am leave for work to pick up the Trailer (8x5)

• Arrive at work 10.00am.

• Meet Driver (Jimmy) Car Mum’s Oddessy!!!!!!! WTF!!!!

• Meet Matt (Man Mountain) and Brother Nick (Brother Mountain)

• Leave work with Trailer, Matt, Jimmy, Nick and Me!!!!!

• Trip time planned to Jimboomba (from Carseldine) 1hour 15 minutes!!!!

Now here is where the fun starts!!

• Actual trip time more like 2hours+ cause we got lost 900000000000000000000 million times, (Bloody navman) actually it was Jimmy’s shite driving! 8O

• Got to Jimboomba, Met Multty, good bloke 8) , took the car round the back to the shed.

• Took trailer off to maneuver it closer to the door.

• Went in to suss out tank 7X2X2.5,,,hmmmmmmm easy as, 4 big fella’s, no issue.

• Went to move tank and it was slightly wet, WTF,,,,water and glass OMFG!!!!!!!!! And 9 Tonne of tank,,,,,,,,, For FUDGE SAKE!!!!! 8O

• Had to move tank bout 4 meters, man that was the hardest 4 meters eva in my life!!!!!!!!!

• Finally got it up on Trailer, strapped it in.

• Then the drive from Jimboomba to Clontarf,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmmmm

• Let me paint you a snapshot of the trip!!!!

• Jimmy, driving 100+ K’s, mobile phone in hand, red lights, hmmmmmm not slowing, maybe Jimmy knows something we don’t know!!!!!!!!!! 8O

• Like wat happens when a 7 foot tank, slides up your BEEP BEEP and turns the Oddessy into a micro van!!!!!!!.

• Roads were sealed, but potholes bigger than the grand canyon!!!!!! For the love of God!!!!!

• Anyhows, after a harrowing drive, I think I wet and soiled my pants :oops: , it may have been all of us actually cause no one took ownership of it!!!!!!

• Got to my house @ 3PM!!! WTF OMFG!!!!!!!! The struggle to get it onto my stand was easy!!!!! Looked like 4 big boys playing nude twister :oops: !!!! Matt down under the tank at one stage, yes the tank resting on his back as we struggled to move it into place, me holding one end with matt’s head ummmmmmmm well yes, we are all close now!!!!! Prolly like being in a war,,,,,,,,,,,

• Its in!!!!! its nice :D , but neva again, we are having a get together at the traction ward at the royal Brissie hospital, as we are all rooted and our t 8O est 8O icles are now earrings!!!!!!!

• I will attempt to get some photos up when the swelling goes down…..

Love Raymundie, son of Grum undies, and Bro of barra mundies,,,,,,hahahahahahahahahahahaa,,,, Shite i hurt.... 8O

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haha all for the love of fish :lol: cant wait to see some pics. what are you putting in it?

you guys need to work out more :lol: i lifted my 6x2x2 tank up off the ground onto its cabinet and into its place by myself its 10mm glass allround and i reckon it would be over 100kgs. i had a bruise about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide from where i had to rest it on my leg...

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Ya i know the story well

I have moved a 8x2x2 and a 6x2x2

Funny enough the 8 was the easest 8O

But Tabs 6 was the worst up a flight of stairs

Blood up the wall and 4 boards and 1 guy pushing and me pulling it we got there

But when there all set up with fish U soon 4 get the pain lol


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hmmmmmmm Nick,

1 foot extra can make a diff mate also i dont play around with 10mm wafer paper when doing big tanks so add some major thickness on all the walls of the tank and it does weigh it down 8O

wet glass and water I dont like it,,, the tank is going into my room right at the front near the roller door! I will get a few pics as soon as possible, its on a stand with 2 4fters underneath it. so am happy where it is situated,,,, cara where are me guppies cause i wanna start breeding a trio of guppies in there, they shoud drow out alright i think.

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