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hi all just became a member as you can tell. a friend gave me this site from another one i am on. i have afew fish american cichlids , silver sharks , plecos , orange spot bristlenose , afew turtles , quite afew water dragons , golden gouramis , chinese alge eaters , red devils and i also breed thousands and thousands of blue claw crayfish ( also for sale ). thanks very much for letting me become a member..

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welcome mick glad to have you on the forum. Were all pretty sweet on here about everything just stick to the rules, there more like guidelines then anything. If u after any lights ask the mod Motorman his name is brad hes owns aquariums alive in nerang and hes a sweet dude, if u cant find something he can so if you ever need anything hes either got it or can get it. If your after fish to buy or sell this is the right place there lots of members in ur genral area who love to buy and sell, and have stuff for sale all the time so ur in good hands int his place.

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