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Large goldfish and compatibility

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Yeah...I get to pickup another 4ft tank tonight.

I'm finally hoping to separate the cichlids properly.

However.....I have inherited some very large goldfish (20cm+) with the tank and black moors etc.

I am wondering whether it is worth keeping these or putting any of my existing cichlids in with them is just passing them on to a new home. Obviously they look good as display fish, but I don't want yet another concern about fish being eaten.

Is it true large goldfish will eat other smaller fish....if so will they eat 5cm cichlids ?

Would my 5cm Oscar be able to survive his own with them ?

If I pass them to the LFS...what is each 20cm goldfish worth ?

Thanks for any advice.

I also later wanted to look a turtle....if I dedicate this tank to the goldfish and turtle (with good filtration)...would that work ?

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I havent heard of goldfish eating fish that size...

And if you have the goldies in with the turtle that would be awesome food for them and theyd love you for it, thats about it!

The cichlids, depends on what they are would probably bash them. The oscar would.

Id jus get rid of them. Try and sell them, the LFS would give you next to nothing.

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Never decide too soon I guess.

Tonight my breeding tank has sadly seen half departed this world....so now I have no desire to put the guppies in the 2ft as planned.

Instead my new goldies will go there and then I'll have the 4ft and 5ft tanks for spreading the cichlids/oscar.

Have to say they are very large goldies and attractive.

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Okay up for swap......

Will post photos tonight.

Just want anything aquarium related in exchange:

plants (that will survive)

filter media

calcium carbonate

fish - clown loaches, angels, peppermint bn, plecos (or anything oscar friendly)


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