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Electric blue jack dempseys

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Something totally different from plecos, electric blue jack dempseys. I just couldn't pass up these cute blue guys. The photos are pre-release and some of the coloring is off from the stress but hopefully I will get some nicer shots when they settle in. Naturally, this argumentative species is not getting any neighbours, and oh I shudder to think how my plants are going to fare, but I just luv em.



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I got them from H20 babies in Booval Ipswich. My pair (3cm) never got out of the plastic bag to their tanks before I picked them up. They did have another pair but I am not sure if they were going to keep them at H20 or send them over to their other store at Flinders View Ipswich. They were not cheap. )

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WOW thats some pretty good colouring for 3cm!! Can't wait to see them once they've settled in...

Yeah i have heard they aren't cheap... hopefully we'll get a few local breeders and the costs will come down a bit.

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More photos, yes?

If I toggle flash on the camera I get much more natural color, unfortunately without a tripod they all turn out burry.


Their favourite pastime next to chasee is wrestling. They are rather like puppies in that they whack each other in the face with their tails and try to bite each others front underneath fin.


See how good they can camouflage into their surroundings?


Shy and skittish...yeah right.


Gee, posing for the camera. Can you see how he got his name, Gee?


On patrol to make sure that other EBJD doesn't take over his turf.


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Had the EBJD duo for a while now and have managed not to kill them. The recent hot weather wasn't doing them any favours though.

I have discovered these guys are gutzes and I really have to be careful not to overfeed.

Also, I won't be dropping in a 1/4 cubes of frozen bloodworm again. They swallowed the chunks whole and sat for the next 5 mins gasping with brain freeze. :urgh:

They seemed to go through a shy phase for a while so I added 4 bronze cory and 2 bolivian rams. That seems to have done the trick and they are much bolder now.

Took some photos this morning. The flash tends to wash out some of their natural blue but when I toggle flash I get blurry photos so you will have to put up with these.

(Photobucket is having a tantrum, I will edit pics in soon)

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hey brengun good to see ur ebjds are going well

i am shocked at the difference in pattern with yours and mine, mine has got alot of black parts on him but yours is more solid. weird considering they are from the same parents. would like to see some blurry pics with more true colour. using a flash makes mine seem green.

have a look and compare them, i posted some recent pics of mine in the photo section.

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