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July Update: SA Display

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Have been lucky enough to get my dirty big fat mitts on a Canon EOS400D over the last few days, unfortunately it's not mine and I'm just borrowing it, so I've been trying to make the most out of it while I'm on holidays.

Since the last update, my Orange Heads (or at least the dominant male) are finally starting to show some real orange in the head, and fin extensions are starting to pop up here and there as my juveniles develop.

Anyway, here's my favourite shots from the past week.


Obligatory full tank shot with new driftwood.



A. heckelii



G. altifrons 'Rio Tocantins'




G. sp. 'Araguaia Orange Head'



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Great pics mate. Those DSLR's are awesome. Will be great to use those pics in that project of mine.

No problems mate, if you want any specific shots like profiles, focus on fins for ID, etc. just ask and I'll be more than happy to help out.

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awesome looking geo pix japes

i first checked them out at work on a crusty old crt monitor...

then later at home on my nice new lcd monitor...

such a difference in colour!!!

time to give this old crt the boot i think!

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Awesome pics Ryan!

i especially like 4 & 6. do you use a wireless flash on top of the tank?

Cheers mate, I wish I had a wireless overhead flash, but no. All the shots minus the full tank shot are with full manual on a 50mm F2.8 at 1/60th'ish, no flash at all.

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