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Mod to Sacem Marathon 2000

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Great filter this is, but I found a minor mod can make a big difference to the performance. Not sure if people who've purchased a 2000 model are aware, but in the earlier models Sacem used an internal divider - one side for the water intake to the bottom of the canister, the other side to be filled with the media.

The newer model the Marathon 2000 however, came out with no divider and baskets instead.

To be honest the setup isn't very good, with lots of water bypass of the baskets with the media. So I simply made my own divider just like the earlier models, and inserted as seen here:


The smaller half is the water intake and you can see the gap at the bottom where the water is drawn back thru and up the length of the barrel.

Mine's made from a cut piece of an old plastic storage container. I siliconed mine in place, but the filter has two ridges that run the length of the barrel, so you can cut a size to simply fit in behind those ridges instead.

I've just used bioballs at either end of the barrel, so there's no blockages.

Now you can make the most of your Marathon 2000, which has a 10L barrel capacity so that's alot of media that can be used - I filled mine mostly with ceramic noodles.

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