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FS: 30cm Cube Tank and all Accessories

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Hey guys, for sale is my 30cm Cube tank and all the accessories to go with it. The tank and all equipment is less than six months old and all in perfect condition.


- 30cm Cube Tank with Lid, no scratches, display quality

- 400mm Fluorescent light (2 x 24w bulbs)

- 50w Jager Heater

- 200lp/h adjustable pump

- Several litres of ADA Aquasoil Amazonia II (enough for a very deep substrate layer)

- 1 500ml bottle of Seachem Flourish (barely any of it used)

- 1 500ml bottle of Seachem Flourish Excel (about 3/4 full)

- Foam padding

- Rock for aquascaping

Everything is in practically new condition, works perfectly, no defects. The Aquasoil was used in my tank for about 3 months, so is still very "young" and nutrient-rich. This tank would make a perfect little planted project for someone, since it will run just fine with DIY CO2 and Excel dosing.

Chasing $100 for the lot. Like I said, everything is as good as new and this price is well below what it is all worth. Contact via PM if interested. Pick up from Springwood.



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